AI Auto Politician test 2019 to 2020
AI Auto Politician test 2019 to 2020

AI Auto Politician test 2019 to 2020


This experiment started before COVID-19 and went on through the first lockdown. Its results created this project. Showing how easy it is to solve problems by connecting people. 



This experiment tested the AI Auto Politician. It showed how this initiative is embraced when worsening world events directly affect people’s way of life. 


Highest value super currency


    • On 02/12/2019, the concept of empowering democracies globally was valued to be worth $360 trillion. That is its infrastructure, how it works and the value that it is providing. A super currency was then created called LFHe (LiFe Harmonised experiment) and 360 trillion LFHe was issued.
    • On 03/12/2019, the first transaction was made to purchase the entire AI Auto Politician system for 360 trillion LFHe. The whole amount from this sale was then gifted to all of humanity. 360 trillion LFHe was shared among 8 billion people. This allocated 45 thousand LFHe to each human being.



Experiment conditions


It was explained to each participant that this was only a general concept experiment. It used transaction requests of this new currency. Each verified transaction was issued 45 thousand LFHe. There was no other form of money or commitment. This was not an actual vote. Anyone could have participated regardless of their geographical location. As detailed in the results of this experiment, nobody was disqualified.


Experiment results


This experiment was to educate about and solve global problems. It targeted 4 million people within the network of this project’s funders. It started on 12/12/2019 and was completed on 01/07/2020. It helped educate the problems with central banking systems, whilst optimising the distribution of the solution.


During this experiment, there were 3,500,557 transaction requests. This averaged 8,766 per day up to 1 week after the first coronavirus lockdown (30/03/2020). Just 4% of these types of people were from more institutionalised backgrounds. From then this increased to 14,817 transaction requests per day. 15% of these types of people were from more institutionalised backgrounds. From 8 days after the murder of George Floyd (02/06/2020), transaction requests significantly increased to 56,385 per day, with almost 30% from the more institutionalised backgrounds.




If this experiment continued, by 2022 95 million more people would have verified transactions. Making them the owners of 4.275 trillion LFHe. More governments would have started to take this seriously. By the end of 2025, more than 300 million people would have owned 13.5 trillion LFHe.



These results are overwhelming proof of everything published on this website is achievable, in this lifetime. This innovation is now being introduced using the AI Auto Politician. Creating this currency for worldwide distribution.