AI Auto Politicians



Empowering innovation locally, nationally, and globally.



At the start of this millennium, we were working with the world’s top accounting firm and the headhunters who funded Tony Blair into power. We created the world’s first AI market worth over $50 billion. Solving many problems in law enforcement.


In 2019, our AI Software Technology Services were used for a global experiment. We are now one of the first organisations following the AI Auto Politicians founder programme. Representing the many hundreds of millions more like-minded professionals throughout the world. Capable, willing, and already focusing on this change.


Operating as a ‘concept’


This project is operating as a concept before public campaigning begins. This is to prevent governments from regulating this initiative.




We are selecting professionals for full-time, part-time, temporary, and project placements. This is to create public campaigns and to grow our network of sponsors and supporters. The work is given to professionals who offer the best value action plan. They should not need much guidance other than top-level objectives.




We are supported by high-level professionals who operate in several nations and control many global financial institutions. The World Trade Organization, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the World Bank Group. All agree that this vision of empowering democracies is inevitable.


World’s biggest problem


The public does not yet know they can change their lives this way. Voting to benefit from innovation. But the future is that easy. We need to sell the benefits of this change to them. We are dedicated to this task.


These results are worth over 11 trillion of this new currency. Most of this came from the experiment leading up to the creation of the AI Auto Politician: