"Especially now, innovation is very important to the U.S. and the rest of the world.” "People controlling world resources are resisting change until life becomes too unbearable." “If politics is for the public then all political decisions would be given to the public, unconditionally.”

Better economics

Increasing the value of every government by bettering the lives of every human being. This new wealth can be used to clear world debt and start again.


It is undisputed that there are no limits to what humanity is capable of. Life-changing achievements, with innovations from science and technology breakthroughs. It is also undisputed that the only limit is today’s world economics.

The whole of the human race can be employed to create and own cutting-edge breakthrough innovations. Everything paid from a new global public fund is classified as Shared Super Inventions. The entire world can trade freely and collaborate in making them. And build up the global infrastructure to optimize exploiting them. This is valued at hundreds of trillions of dollars using today’s economics. From these new public-owned global technologies, many more entrepreneurs will create many more inventions and commercial businesses. This is worth thousands of trillions more. These are just some of the subjects that will create many new global industries:

  • Health – Pharmaceutical, Food Production, Nutrition.
  • Science – Clean Energy, Climate Management, Quantum Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Recycling.
  • Engineering – Housing, Transport, Communications Networks, Automation, Space Travel.


Optimized world economics

Economic systems worthy of today are providing immediate benefits in the form of many life-changing developments. True world collaboration to reach global targets for zero carbon. AND significantly increase humanity’s overall lifespan. AND our quality of life:

  • One of the first projects is the global vaccination programme for COVID-19. Dealing with virus mutations. Then the world will get to work on all other illnesses. Such as flu and the common cold. Even cancer won’t stand a chance.
  • One of the next very big technology breakthroughs is the many inventions that will use concepts from quantum physics. This will massively improve everyone’s lives in many ways.



This is an outline of just the start of empowering democracies. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.




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