“A few minutes of each person’s time using this is changing everything.” (Dwayne Johnson)


243,861,337 people are already committed to use AI Auto Politician by founders over 3 years. Worth 11 trillion from a new public fund.

AI Auto Politicians

  The world’s first AI social media platform, legally owned and controlled by the... Read More "AI Auto Politicians"

All inclusive economics

  There are no limits to what people are capable of. Life-changing achievements. Innovations... Read More "All inclusive economics"

Public grants

  AI Auto Politicians are issuing a new currency to each verified person worldwide.... Read More "Public grants"

Founder payments

  AI Auto Politicians are being made accessible using the world’s existing media. It... Read More "Founder payments"

Bank and government funding

  Banks and governments creating AI Auto Politicians together.     For every billion... Read More "Bank and government funding"

When can this start?

  Decentralised economies have already started. It is happening now.     The finance,... Read More "When can this start?"

6,176,351 people have already applied to use AI Auto Politician on this website. Worth 278 billion from this new public fund.

Concept test

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Benefits of change

  Helping more people innovate. Productivity increasing to its highest levels in ways to... Read More "Benefits of change"

Become a founder

  Association with the supply of this project offers fame, fortune, and enjoyment. Apply... Read More "Become a founder"

Political manifesto

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Stopping war

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New industries

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