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UK Department for International Trade

Many governments are trying to stop the worst global recession in history. The UK DIT is now helping to introduce iGlobal worldwide.   iGlobal™ Licence and currency transactions Outlining the administration deployment framework. Typical setup transaction costs and returns. Costs are paid into the global public fund. Remuneration is founder shares and LFH currency. It is realistic for commercial and ... Read More »

Financial institutions oppose change

  “We have the choice to increase the value of every government AND better the lives of every human being. Or risk the worst global recession in history. But, until this is a public vote, the latter is chosen for us by our financial institutions.” (WTO) Being institutionalised has a far broader reach than most of us realise. It is ... Read More »

Global economic impact of untapped human potential

Economic Impact

Imagine being shown how we have all been sitting on a goldmine of human potential. But we can now accelerate the 22nd century ahead of time.   Economic impact studies show that we would have all been missing out on many hundreds of years of untapped human potential. Worth hundreds of trillions of dollars. Many life-changing inventions from all walks ... Read More »

Diversity embraced by governments

Would you believe our quality of life is only a fraction of what it should be, because we are all sitting on a goldmine of human potential? And, we have now reached a point in our evolution to have it all? Hundreds of millions of years ago our world was a single landmass. A supercontinent. Over time it drifted into ... Read More »