Highest value super currency

iGlobal is helping create the finance to fund a super currency for everyone to spend in their local shops. Increasing its value as it is distributed.

Worldwide ecosystem

The value of currency and trade is decided by how people feel about it. Imagine this power given to 8 billion people. By constantly making informed decisions, economic systems will constantly evolve. Decentralised currencies will successfully coexist.


Global public fund super currency

  • On 13/09/2021 iGlobal patents were filed internationally with strong defensive qualities. How it works, what it does, its hardware, AI methods, and software code.
  • On 14/09/2021 these patents were valued to be worth $360 trillion. This was a democratic vote using over 3.5 million people from the experiment in 2020.
  • On the same day, 1 quadrillion of a new currency was created called LFH (LiFe Harmonised). 360 trillion LFH were issued to be distributed to the public. The remaining 640 trillion LFH will fund the setup and operation of the ecosystem for this social enterprise through governments and founders. Also, the funding for many new industries and future Shared Super Inventions.
  • On 15/09/2021 the first transaction was made to purchase iGlobal and its patents for 360 trillion LFH. The entire amount of this sale was then gifted to all of humanity.



This is an outline of just the start of empowering democracies. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.