Businesses and governments creating the AI Auto Politician together.



Outlining the deployment framework. Setup transaction costs and returns. Costs are paid into the global public fund.  Payment is founder shares and LFH currency. Also covering operational working groups and training.


Transaction funding


Please contact Global SafetyWatch for which founders are lending money for these transactions. The following transactions result in the creation of 65 trillion LFH for people to spend online and in their local shops:


Commercial founder


This is a transaction for 1.4 billion people to use AI Auto Politician in multiple countries within 3 years:


    • AI Auto Politician licence – 60 million USD.
    • Integration of AI Auto Politician into commercial organisation’s websites and apps – 100 million USD.
    • In return, they receive 23 billion LFH.




A government providing a public vote to create the AI Auto Politician. Or a political party wins power because this is their manifesto. This is a transaction for empowering a population of 45 million:


    • AI Auto Politician licence – 30 million USD.
    • Integration of AI Auto Politician into electoral register – 30 million USD.
    • In return, they receive 900 billion LFH. Governments will not be able to spend any of this unless it has been agreed by a public vote.


This is the outline of just the start of empowering democracies. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.