There are no limits to what people are capable of. Life-changing achievements. Innovations from science and technology breakthroughs.



Everyone employed. Creating cutting-edge innovations. The entire world collaborating to make it. Building world-wide infrastructure exploiting it. Worth hundreds of trillions. Then, many more entrepreneurs creating many more inventions and businesses from these new public-owned global technologies. Worth thousands of trillions more.


Everything funded from this super currency is classified as Shared Super Inventions. These are just some of the subjects that are creating many new global industries:


    • Health – Pharmaceutical, Food Production, Nutrition.
    • Science – Clean Energy, Climate Management, Quantum Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Recycling.
    • Engineering – Housing, Transport, Communications Networks, Automation, Space Travel.


Optimised world economics


True world collaboration reaching global targets for zero carbon. AND significantly increase humanity’s overall lifespan, and quality of life:


    • One of the first new industries is the global vaccination programme. Dealing with virus mutations. Then the world will get to work on all other illnesses. Such as flu and the common cold. Even cancer will be beaten.
    • One of the next technology breakthroughs is the many inventions that will use concepts from quantum physics. Improving everyone’s lives in many ways.


This is the outline of just the start of empowering democracies. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.