AI Auto Politicians
AI Auto Politicians

AI Auto Politicians


The world’s first AI social media platform, legally owned and controlled by the public.



Their primary job is to connect people. Listen to the public and collect information for the public to benefit. Transforming the use of social media to empower life-changing democracies


“Changing most people’s worst nightmare ‘politics’ into the best days of everyone’s lives.” (Peter Joseph, filmmaker)


AI Auto Politicians calculate the value and predict the potential of each topic. Responsibly giving power of each vote to the majority. Creating all-inclusive politics. From social and economic ideas where people live and work. To national and global decisions to improve everyone’s way of life.


“We need this to help rebuild Ukraine.” (Ukraine Government)


What are AI Auto Politicians?


A powerful and highly secure network of information processing devices. Based in the cloud and with each person. Using Ethical AI to operate within the boundaries of rapidly expanding public working groups. AI Auto-Politicians is:


  • A public-owned legal structure. A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.
  • Receiving funds from private, government, and commercial sources.
  • Purchasing existing organisations (PLCs, NGOs, and SMEs).
  • All assets gifted to AI Auto Politicians are fully protected under international law.


“Experiencing this first-hand is enough to convince anyone.” (Brazil’s finance minister)


New industries


Secure, private, and convenient.


It is the most secure and private voting system. Based on blockchain technology. Making it impossible for any targeted abuse, corruption, or single point of failure. No person or organisation has access to any personal information. Only statistics are made available to make each vote count. It is legally independent of any government and organisation.