"Especially now, innovation is very important to the U.S. and the rest of the world.”

Public owned AI accelerating the 22nd century ahead of time


AI software iGlobal transforming the use of social media to empower life-changing democracies.


This is the world’s first social media platform legally owned and controlled by the public. It enables this entire project. It reads and interacts with all social media platforms. Primarily researching for ideas to solve common problems. From real people’s content, it groups discussions. Providing problems to solve. Each group is given a priority based on popularity. Problems that people care about, or just interested in.

It makes it super easy for people to join together, create their own currency and take control over their politics. With zero human effort, people can be invited to join these groups and vote for change. Or browse topics based on their interests. Each person decides what to vote on and what to ignore. Or they can just post something they care about and wait to see the outcome.



“Changing most people’s worst nightmare “politics” into the best days of everyone’s lives.” (Bill gates)



The most powerful democracies on Earth

Likened to an auto-politician, iGlobal™ predicts the monetary value and potential of each topic. Responsibly giving power to the choice of the majority. From social and economic ideas where people live and work, to national and global decisions to improve everyone’s way of life.



“We need this to help rebuild Ukraine.” (Ukrainian Government)


What exactly is iGlobal?

iGlobal is a powerful and highly secure network of information processing devices. Based in the cloud and with each person. It uses ethical AI to operate within the boundaries of a rapidly expanding network of working groups. In operation, people start to see powerful results within just a few weeks. Many, even from today’s opposing political parties, steadily unite into highly prosperous local, national and global superpowers.


  • Many governments are trying to stop the worst global recession in history. The UK DIT ...
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Secure, private, and convenient.


It uses the most secure and private voting system. Its platform is based on technology that makes it impossible for any targeted abuse, corruption, or single point of failure. Only you own your data. No person or organisation has access to information. Other than for statistics to make each vote count. Legally independent of any government and organisation.



“Potentially the fastest, if not the only way to cure COVID-19 for good.” (Brazil’s finance minister)



Local, national, and global campaigners

Many campaigners want everyone to use their idea to change the world. iGlobal makes all ideas work together and funds them. Everyone can campaign to receive action for problems they care about. From all types of discrimination, inequality, and human rights, to oppression, war, climate change and pandemics.



“Experiencing this first-hand is enough to convince anyone.” (Head of Global SafetyWatch)



This is an outline of just the start of empowering democracies. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.