"Especially now, innovation is very important to the U.S. and the rest of the world.”

iGlobal™ accelerating the 22nd century ahead of time


Patented AI global ecosystem empowering local, national and worldwide innovation.

iGlobal is a social enterprise. It monitors all social media. From people’s content, it creates issue-specific discussion groups locally, nationally and globally. Providing the problem and options for solutions. Each group is given a priority based on urgency and popularity. Issues that people appear passionate about or are just interested in. Issues that directly or indirectly affect each person.

Given the convenience to empower innovation, people can be proactively offered the opportunity of joining these groups and voting for change. Alternatively, people can browse issues based on their interests. Each person decides what issues to vote on and which to decline. If they do not want to register to vote, they can just post something they care about and wait to see the outcome.

The most powerful democracies on Earth

Likened to an auto-politician, iGlobal™ predicts with monetary value and potential of each topic. Responsibly transferring power to the will of the majority. For all issues important to the majority. From social and economic ideas where people live and work, to national and global decisions to improve everyone’s way of life.

iGlobal enables everyone to make informed decisions. Everyone has a significant voice to be heard. There will be a social media explosion. Everyone will be encouraged to post about their issues, what they want in life and if they have any ideas. Any post could result in a vote. This will create many more people to register to vote. Creators of posts will earn enough to make greater political careers.


“Potentially the fastest, if not the only way to cure COVID-19 for good.” (Brazil’s finance minister)



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Secure, private and convenient


iGlobal is the most secure and private voting method. Its platform is based on technology that makes it impossible for any targeted abuse, corruption or single point of failure. Only you own your data. No person or organisation has access to information. Other than for statistics to make each vote count. It will be legally independent of any government and organisation. More diverse people will actively participate, campaigning their reasons to vote.


Today there is a huge market for a new free app that gives the user more results with more interaction. iGlobal provides all of this but so much more.


“Experiencing this first hand is enough to convince anyone.”



What exactly is iGlobal?

iGlobal is internationally patented. It is a powerful and highly secure network of information processing devices. Based in the cloud and with each person. iGlobal uses ethical AI to operate within the boundaries of a rapidly expanding network of working groups. In operation, people started to see powerful results within just a few weeks. Many, even from today’s opposing political parties, steadily unite into highly prosperous local, national and global superpowers.



This is an outline of just the start of empowering innovation. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.




Local, national and global campaigners

There are many millions of people throughout the world who are naturally becoming advocates of this initiative. All types of people can campaign and receive action for what they care about. From all types of discrimination, inequality and human rights, to oppression, war, climate change and pandemics.