“If politics is for the public then all political decisions would be given to the public, unconditionally.”

Financial institutions opposing change

We have the choice to increase the value of every government AND better the lives of every human being. Or face the worst global recession in history. But, until this is a public vote, the latter is chosen for us by our financial institutions.

Being institutionalised has a far broader reach than most of us realise. It is the general social instinct to think and do what is expected of you, by the institute that controls your way of life. Most of humanity is institutionalised by varying amounts. From finance, politics, military and education to groups of people that are less included by institutions.


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General institutionalism


Governments control the public’s way of life. This is what we all know and vote for. But it doesn’t stop there. A very small number of people control the world’s financial institutions. They are unelected, but because economic systems govern politics, this gives them ultimate power. With just these few people having so much control, this is the definition of today’s institutionalism.


Financial institutions controlling politics

There is no argument that just a very small number of people control the world’s resources. These people are taking advantage of this way of life while they can. The question is, who can blame them? The answer is, the 99%+ of the world’s population can blame this as the primary cause of the world’s biggest problems. From inequality and discrimination to greed, wars, mass migration, climate change and pandemics.


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Informed decisions


Americans alone spend 10 times more each year on pet grooming than on nuclear fusion. But if this information came from politicians in control, most people would agree to spend on developing ways to generate themselves much more wealth AND unlimited carbon-free energy.



LOCKDOWN BECOMES A WAKE-UP CALL We ran an experiment starting from before anyone was aware of COVID-19. It finished on 01/07/2020. This introduced the need for, and many benefits of, empowering innovation globally. It revealed the more institutionalised people have become, the more they have resisted change. The less they have been able to think and understand outside of what they think their institutions would want. But, world events during the first lockdown connected everyone. Making many people reflect on today’s way of life. The more institutionalised types of people have begun trying harder to understand this needed change.

Governments dismantle inequality and discrimination