Become a founder
Become a founder

Become a founder


Association with the supply of this project offers fame, fortune, and enjoyment. Apply for a contract or founder grant and dedicate your career to this change.



This is for people and organisations to become founders of AI Auto Politicians in their countries. To create viral marketing campaigns. Synchronised with worldwide VIP announcements. Much of the world’s press is ready to publish but more collaboration is needed in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Australia.


Viral marketing


There really is a simple fix to the world’s biggest problems. Campaigns will praise people from various parts of society who are embracing the success of this change. And show how people that do not become part of this are losing out.


This is a global audience. Diverse marketing teams are connecting with all demographics in each country. Proposals must include how many people they will target and where. Examples of a call to action for each demographic with high-impact viral messages, images, or videos.


An estimate of project costs and an annual budget in standard national currencies. Convincing proposals will be given trial contracts. Selected for their understanding of the strategic goals published on this website. Performance is multiplied with bonuses in the form of payment with and shares of this new currency. The more people reached, the more they get.






“Soon everyone will learn how central banking is political control remaining with unelected people.” (C. Lummis, US Senator)




The size of your grant depends on your business plan and/or licence. If you are a commercial organisation, a member of the public, or a government, how will you introduce these concepts? Or how will you benefit from our affiliation grants to improve existing business plans? To apply please study the project brief and use the contact form.


First targets – Local, national, and global campaigners.


Fixing social and economic problems is winning the support of millions of local, national, and global campaigners. Already having many reasons for the decentralised way of life. Campaigning against all types of inequality and human rights. Many people, businesses and governments have already been campaigning for global free trade. The definition of decentralised economic systems.


Target demographics


The first campaigns are using the top 20 languages. As well as conventional methods, AI Auto Politicians identify demographics with the largest numbers of people. And match these with topics that encourage them to use AI Auto Politicians. Initial campaigns are developed around their problems that decentralised economic systems can fix.




AI Auto Politicians branding is being designed to show it is owned by the public. It will have different names, logos and colour schemes. No organisation or person has overall control. its user interface is embedded into founders’ websites.