Helping more people innovate. Productivity increasing to its highest levels in ways to benefit our climate. Crime dropping to its all-time low.



Economic systems designed to benefit democracies. Political decisions from the public for governments to follow. A huge step-change. The rich still get richer but by turning today’s perpetual crises into endless advancements.


“More money is still lost through corrupt banks than all other crimes combined. Misinterpreting parts of law profits a small number of people at the centre of today’s banking system. But by fully respecting all laws of an all-inclusive political system, the irony is such talented professionals will shape a much bigger future for themselves and everyone else.” (George Clooney)


All members of society politically engaged. Consistently making informed decisions. People, communities, and populations changing their lives for the better. Corruption, organised, and opportunistic crime will fade. Many millions of lives and billions of dollars saved from the illegal drug trade alone.


Measuring wealth


Only central banking tracks how much money people have. With decentralised systems only the currency holder has access to how much money they have.


Wealth is measured in all aspects of life. Meaningful lives are important. How much money is not the main deciding factor.


“The world’s vaccine against disinformation.” (Kal Penn, former Associate Director, White House Office of Public Liaison)



This is the outline of just the start of empowering innovation. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.