AI Auto Politician is issuing a new currency to each verified person worldwide. Enough to feed, clothe, and house a family for 2 years.



Decentralised economic systems are one of humanity’s latest remarkable achievements. Only the seller and buyer of goods control the trade. Immune to politics, currency conversion, bank charges, and broker fees. Officials cannot abuse it.


New public funds


AI Auto Politician makes it easy for people to connect, create their own currencies and take control of their politics. So each person that uses AI Auto Politician gets 45 thousand LFH, 1 voting share and royalty-free use of the AI Auto Politician patents. Each person agrees to vote no less than 10 times per year. This is making on average 1.6 trillion LFH to each country’s population:


    • On 07/09/2022, AI Auto Politician patents were filed internationally with strong defensive qualities. How it works, what it does, its hardware, AI methods, and software code.
    • On 08/09/2022, these patents were valued to be worth $360 trillion. Then 1 quadrillion of a new currency was created called LFH (LiFe Harmonised). 360 trillion LFH were issued for distribution to the public. Then the first transaction purchased the AI Auto Politician and its patents for 360 trillion LFH. 360 trillion LFH was then shared among 8 billion people.


Within as little as 2 years, LFH currency is forecast to become legal tender to spend in local shops in every country. The remaining 640 trillion of the 1 quadrillion LFH is funding the setup and operation of the AI Auto Politician and the start of many new industries.






This is the outline of just the start of empowering democracies. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.