AI Auto Politicians are being made available on many well-known websites, making them founders of this innovation.



Founders receive prestige and much more business. AI Auto Politicians uniquely force-multiplies the number of people reached by each founder.  Initial numbers of people being introduced to AI Auto Politicians:


    • Banks: 2.04 billion.
    • Social media platforms: 4.48 billion.
    • Internet service providers: 5.17 billion.
    • Online shopping companies: 2.14 billion.


“This is a noble project and we wish it every success.” London Mayor


Founder shares


Founder shares have been created to reward people and organisations who contribute to using AI Auto Politicians. There are 8 thousand founder shares worth a total of 500 billion LFH. This value grows with the combined value of AI Auto Politicians worldwide.


Founders receive 1 share for every 1 million people who apply to use AI Auto Politicians through their website. Each founder share gives 1 vote on how AI Auto Politicians is progressively used. Less than 1 million get a fractional share and vote. Founder governance expires after the first 10 years and will always be with public votes.


Distributed by the public and followed by governments


    • Founders get paid up to 60 LFH for each person applying to use AI Auto Politicians through their website. The amount depends on achieving volume and time-based targets. A total of 57 billion LFH was forecast for registering 3 billion people over 6 years but this has accelerated.
    • Founders also get paid up to 30 LFH for every person that is registered by governments. The amount they receive is in proportion to the number of people the founder registered.
    • To fund public services and government systems, governments receive 20 thousand LFH per person registered in their country. This is on average 700 billion LFH per government, totalling 156 trillion LFH. Governments can only spend this on what the public has voted for. All transactions are transparent for public scrutiny.


This is the outline of just the start of empowering innovation. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.