"Especially now, innovation is very important to the U.S. and the rest of the world.” "People controlling world resources are resisting change until life becomes too unbearable." “If politics is for the public then all political decisions would be given to the public, unconditionally.”

World science inspires governments to fund worst case of WHAT IF?

This project received funding because all worst-case economic indicators were surpassed for every country. Also, all governments’ current and future borrowing is far more than ever expected.

Today’s way of life accelerates the unlimited exponential growth of consumption. This is the barrier to reaching a far better way of life. In 2014 we began asking governments, what if climate change cripples world economics in our lifetime? Today, world science dictates how climate change goes hand in hand with pandemics


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Project foundations


In 2019 we published how world economics can make our way of life far worse. During the first lockdown, all world economies were planning their unprecedented borrowing. We suggested to some of the larger governments that if worst-case economic indicators are reached, then potential worst-case scenarios should be considered. The world is facing the worst recession in history.


 “If our vaccines become more ineffective to more mutations this will be devastating. We will need some real inspiring innovation to get us all out of this.” (NBC world news in 2020)

Governments starting to think WHAT IF?

Many are now working with us using all of the science, and the best way to benefit from this new currency. This funded an experiment starting in 2019 before COVID-19. The results show how even the most institutionalised types of people have started to think similarly.


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Governments embrace the value of diversity

This video helped secure far more funding than ever expected.