"People controlling world resources are resisting change until life becomes too unbearable."

What are the benefits?

Helping more people innovate. Productivity increasing to its highest levels in ways to benefit our climate. Crime dropping to its all-time low.

iGlobal enables everyone to make informed decisions. People, communities, and populations consistently make far better life-changing decisions. With easier ways to make money, it will be nonsensical to abuse power. Corruption, organised and opportunistic crime will start to fade. Many millions of lives and billions of dollars saved from the illegal drug trade alone.


True wealth is measured from all aspects of life. Meaningful lives are important for this. How much money we have, the size of our homes and the cars we drive will no longer be the main deciding factors. People won’t feel as superior, no matter their nationality, gender, political belief or colour. Wars, mass migration, climate change and pandemics will no longer be the problems they are today.


“With informed decisions, how many populations will vote to attack other nations? kill their neighbours?” 


Human rights and equality

This is becoming a regulated industry. As opposed to today’s working culture for many institutions to abuse their powers. Human rights are no longer just a statement on websites. By making more people equal there will be less to discriminate against.


This is an outline of just the start of empowering democracies. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.




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