Political manifesto
Political manifesto

Political manifesto


Political parties are winning power by offering the many benefits of this all-inclusive political and economic system. Existing governments are offering the public vote to make this happen.



Having a far better life. More money, better health and career prospects. Greater public safety and high-quality public services. This is what most people will vote for. Political parties are rapidly aligning with this. Governments were forecast to start empowering their democracies after 2 years. When 1 billion people empower their vote. It is distributing over 45 trillion of this new super currency. But this is happening now.


Greater political careers


With so much more trade and extra public funds, institutions are rapidly evolving. Making many greater political careers. Politicians are only as good as their last policy that was passed. Whoever wins power will be making huge commitments to change. Some examples:


    • Economic systems will constantly evolve. Optimising industry targets.
    • Having everything constantly checked independently. Everything done in public roles will be made public. Impossible for corrupt politicians to remain in power.


Imagine the change in everyone’s way of life, with politicians accountable to the public all of the time, instead of having to wait several years for a general election.