Empowering billions to stop war.




Political leaders are highly talented professionals. Experts at developing relationships to achieve amazing goals. Imagine what they can achieve with an open and trusted economic system that does not create conflict.


Nations under attack are asking for help to stop their wars. This project is optimising results. Select marketing agencies are working with them to develop press announcements. Potentially every person, government, and commercial organisation is becoming proactive.


Why are wars not easily stopped?


Governments financially support other nations under attack. But to avoid escalation they are restricted to stop these wars. Naturally, populations follow their governments so they too cannot fully support other countries at war.


The solution to stop war


AI Auto Politicians are reversing today’s centralised way of life. Governments will follow their public. Nations under attack can mobilise other populations for mass demonstrations to stop war. The attacking governments will see it’s only a short time before their own populations see this support.


Political leverage to stop war


This project is pressuring politicians internationally. Countries under attack can become founders of AI Auto Politicians. This is potentially worth up to 700 billion LFH. This will give them more leverage to get more support from more governments. Further accelerating their aggressor’s withdrawal.


“With decentralised economies being open and trusted, potentially all of today’s business plans to fund wars will not get funding.” Barry Silbert






“With informed decisions, how many populations will vote to attack other nations?” Oprah Winfrey