Marketing this initiative offers fame, fortune, and enjoyment.




This is for people and organisations to be paid upper market rates for creating viral marketing campaigns in their countries synchronised with VIP announcements.


Much of the world’s press is ready to publish but more collaboration is needed in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Australia.


Viral marketing


Campaigns will praise people embracing this change. This is a global audience. Diverse marketing teams are connecting with all demographics in each country. Proposals must include how many people will be targeted and where. Also, examples of high-impact viral messages, images, and videos with a call to action.


Provide an estimate of project costs and an annual budget in your national currency. Convincing proposals are given trial contracts. They are selected for their understanding of strategic goals published on this website. Performance is multiplied with bonuses using shares and payment of this new currency. The more people reach the more they get.






“Soon everyone will learn how central banking is political control remaining with the powerful unelected.” C. Lummis, US Senator


Target demographics


The first campaigns are using the top 20 languages. As well as usual methods, AI Auto Politicians identify demographics with the largest numbers of people. Then match these with topics that encourage the use of AI Auto Politicians. Initial campaigns are developed around their problems that decentralised economic systems can fix.




AI Auto Politicians branding is designed to show the public owns it. It has different names, logos and colour schemes. No organisation or person has overall control.