“Increase the value of every government and better the lives of every human being, or face the worst recession in history? Until this is a public vote, the latter is chosen for us by our financial institutions.” World Trade Organisation




Being institutionalised has a far broader reach than most of us realise. It is the general social instinct to think and do what is expected of you, by the institute that controls your way of life. Most people are institutionalised by varying amounts. From finance, politics, military, and education, to minority groups that are less included.


World recessions are created around every 10 years. The G7 summit concluded that the world is in a hunger crisis. The UN said it’s already the worst since World War II and could worsen. The World Economic Forum stated that all world leaders must change direction. 1.5 billion people are starving due to a global crisis.



“It is clear that those who control money through the banking system are able to control virtually every other aspect of society.” Thomas H. Greco, Jr., economist and author.



Why has this continued for so long?


Economic systems are learned in school, college, and university. Generally, the more successful commercial organisations are, the better they have become at exploiting this way of life. Maintaining this, the more popular media organisations are, the more they publish what their institutions expect.



“People do not yet understand the banking and monetary system. But when they do, there will be a revolution.” Henry Ford, 1939