When can this start?
When can this start?

When can this start?


Decentralised economies have already started. It is happening now.



The finance, infrastructure and professionals are already in place. The voting technology has been operationally proven in national elections since 2018. It makes voting secure, private, and convenient.


Decentralised economic systems


Decentralised currencies can now successfully coexist. They are already growing exponentially. From just a few cryptocurrencies in 2013, there are now over 19,000 in use. From 100 million users worldwide less than 1 year ago, there are now over 300 million. It has been forecast there will be the first billion users by the end of 2022.


More than 18,000 companies worldwide already trade goods and services with cryptocurrency. Popular online payment systems already use it. Most countries allow trade with it. 77 countries encourage it with over 38,000 cryptocurrency ATMs. This growth is even encouraging entire countries to approve it as legal tender.


Business leaders


Following this project’s announcements, many more of the world’s richest people will also be embracing this initiative. They are talented professionals who control today’s central banking system. They have amazing roles to play. In an economic system that does not create conflict. More public funds. More industries from more innovation. Even more money and control than they are used to. Much of the existing banking infrastructure is being recycled to accelerate this initiative.




It was forecast that 8 billion people and all governments will have registered within 6 years. Founders will be responsible for 3 billion and governments will register 5 billion. But because of recent world events, a business model has been designed to help meet a target of 2 billion within 2 years.


Governments are considering this now. Preventing commercial organisations from having too much control. Making governments eligible for founder shares. Ironically, some of the less democratic governments are also considering this. Potentially creating global collaboration with every country at the table. All of this has accelerated more people empowering their vote.


“On behalf of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, we would like to acknowledge your offer and are carefully considering it.” (Office of the Canadian Government)


Empowered votes


When people empower their vote, they become equal shareholders of the AI Auto Politician. The sooner people register, the greater share they get. Also, the more people register, its value multiplies even greater.