"Especially now, innovation is very important to the U.S. and the rest of the world.”

Distribution and accessibility


To multiply its reach soonest, iGlobal is becoming universally accessible using the world’s existing media.


iGlobal is being embedded into the websites of many established bank and social media platforms. It is being marketed by these, making them the founders of this innovation. Founders receive tremendous kudos and much more business. These are the numbers of people who are being introduced to this by some of these founders:

  • Banks: 2.04 billion. Today’s main distributors of wealth and the primary beneficiaries of this initiative.
  • Social media platforms: 4.48 billion. One of the main beneficiaries by generating much more business for themselves.
  • Internet service providers: 5.17 billion.
  • Online shopping companies: 2.14 billion.


“I wish this opportunity every success.” (London Mayor)



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Founder shares


Founder shares have been created to reward organisations that contribute to the development of the use of iGlobal. There are 8 thousand founder shares worth a total of 80 billion LFH. The value of founder shares will increase in proportion to the combined value of the world’s resources following this initiative.


Founders receive 1 founder share and an amount of LFH for every 1 million people they register. The earlier the year, the higher the amount. Year 1 is 10 million LFH. This decreases by 20% each year. It is forecast that 40 billion LFH will be distributed to government and commercial founders. Each founder share gives 1 vote on how the use of iGlobal is developed further. This governance lasts for the first 10 years.

Currency distribution

  • On 15/09/2021 360 trillion LFH was shared among 8 billion people. This provides each person that registers to vote with 45 thousand LFH, 1 voting share and royalty-free use of iGlobal patents. For this, each person will be expected to vote no less than 10 times per year. This will give on average 1.6 trillion LFH to each country’s population.
  • Commercial organisations also get paid up to 20 LFH for each person who registers to vote through their website. The amount depends on achieving volume and time-based targets, resulting in a total of 19 billion LFH.
  • To fund government systems they receive 20 thousand LFH per person that they register. This is on average 450 billion LFH per government, totalling 100 trillion LFH. Governments can only spend this when it has been agreed by a public vote. This new system is transparent allowing public scrutiny of all government transactions.


This is an outline of just the start of empowering innovation. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.