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iGlobal project brief

What if wars, mass migration, climate change and pandemics are caused by one simple thing? And fixing it is so easy. It will make populations and governments far wealthier. It will bring the amazing advances of the 22nd century ahead of time.   The world’s most successful political leaders are highly talented professionals. Experts at developing relationships to achieve amazing ... Read More »

Public owned AI accelerating the 22nd century ahead of time

  AI software iGlobal transforming the use of social media to empower life-changing democracies.   This is the world’s first social media platform legally owned and controlled by the public. A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. It enables this entire project. It reads and interacts with all social media platforms. Primarily researching for ideas to solve common problems. From real people’s content, it ... Read More »

Highest value super currency

iGlobal is helping create the finance to fund a super currency for everyone to spend in their local shops. Increasing its value as it is distributed. Worldwide ecosystem The value of currency and trade is decided by how people feel about it. Imagine this power given to 8 billion people. By constantly making informed decisions, economic systems will constantly evolve. ... Read More »

Distribution and accessibility

  To multiply its reach soonest, iGlobal is becoming universally accessible using the world’s existing media.   iGlobal is being embedded into the websites of many commercial organisations. It is being marketed by these. Making them the founders of this innovation. Founders also receive tremendous kudos and much more business. These are the numbers of people who are being introduced ... Read More »

Better economics

Increasing the value of every government by bettering the lives of every human being.     It is undisputed that there are no limits to what humanity is capable of. Life-changing achievements, with innovations from science and technology breakthroughs.   The whole of the human race can be employed to create and own cutting-edge breakthrough innovations. Everything paid from a ... Read More »

What are the benefits?

Helping more people innovate. Productivity increasing to its highest levels in ways to benefit our climate. Crime dropping to its all-time low. Helping everyone make informed decisions. People, communities, and populations consistently take far better life-changing decisions. With easier ways to make money, corruption, organised, and opportunistic crime will fade. Many millions of lives and billions of dollars saved from ... Read More »

When can this start?

  When, is up to the public and this is already happening. When and how? Giving everyone control and inclusion, the impact is immediate. This has already started. The finance, infrastructure and professionals are already in place. The voting technology has been operationally proven in national elections since 2018. It makes voting just a click away on everyone’s mobile phone. ... Read More »