Stopping the war in Ukraine


Empowering more than 2 billion people watching the war in Ukraine, hoping for it to stop. The world’s most important information war.

The problem

Western governments are supporting Ukraine but are helpless to stop the war. Naturally, all western populations are following their governments. Not able to fully support Ukraine.

The solution

This project is reversing today’s institutionalised way of life. Governments following their public. All of Ukraine’s calls for mass demonstrations to spread the truth will be listened to and actioned. The Russian Government will see it’s only a short time before his population learns the truth. 

Peace and prosperity

This is enabling an all-inclusive political and economic system. Not a divisive one. Such a system has no downsides. It is a silver bullet for everyone. It will stop World War III. And make many more people wealthier. Politicians would be unable to use politics just for their own personal gain. More people will become more politically engaged.  

Government backed

Many politicians are already planning their greater political careers. Listening to their populations for more public votes. Many more people will be voting for their ideas. Only some politicians are worried that their policies alone will not survive without their party’s stronghold.

Ukraine’s recovery

The skillsets of the Ukrainian people could make it one of the wealthiest nations. Now because of the war, Ukraine could also become one of the wealthiest founders of this social enterprise. Worth up to 300 billion of a new currency.


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Governments embrace the value of diversity