One new industry worth quadrillions
One new industry worth quadrillions

One new industry worth quadrillions


When fusion is made economically viable it will end the days of fire. It will do a lot more than power our homes and cities. It will also generate unimaginable extra wealth.



The AI Auto Politician identifies the most popular topics that will make the biggest positive impact on most people. Using the development of fusion as an example, everyone will benefit. The minimum value of the world’s resources when this happens is 10 quadrillion. It will be the single most transformative advancement for improving all life on Earth.




Recent advances show humanity is now on the verge of viable solutions. But there have only been 10’s of billions of investments. 15 trillion LFH is a real investment to bring it to reality soonest. This could result in fusion becoming a new industry with the first commercially viable technologies within 5 years.


Project start


The AI Auto Politician creates a group. People that would benefit are given the opportunity to join. Discussions are structured to enable a vote. Talking about the problem, solution, budget, options to vote, and timescales.


This is the outline of just the start of empowering democracies. It is in addition to existing economic and political systems.