"Especially now, innovation is very important to the U.S. and the rest of the world.”

Empowering innovation globally

iGlobal™ accelerating the 22nd century ahead of time

  Patented AI global ecosystem empowering local, national and worldwide innovation. iGlobal is a social enterprise. It monitors all social media. From people’s content, it creates issue-specific discussion groups locally, nationally and globally. Providing the problem and options for solutions. Each group is given a priority based on urgency and popularity. Issues that people appear passionate about or are just ... Read More »

Highest value super currency

iGlobal™ is helping create the finance to fund a super currency for everyone to spend in their local shops. It is increasing in value as it is distributed. Worldwide ecosystem The value of currency and trade is decided by the feelings of the people in control. Imagine these values if this power is given to 8 billion people. By constantly ... Read More »

Distribution and accessibility

  To multiply its reach soonest, iGlobal™ is becoming universally accessible using the world’s existing media.   iGlobal is being embedded into the websites of many established bank and social media platforms. It is being marketed by these, making them the founders of this innovation. Founders receive tremendous kudos and much more business. These are the numbers of people who are ... Read More »

Better economics

Increasing the value of every government by bettering the lives of every human being. This new wealth can be used to clear world debt and start again.   It is undisputed that there are no limits to what humanity is capable of. Life-changing achievements, with innovations from science and technology breakthroughs. It is also undisputed that the only limit is ... Read More »

What are the benefits?

Helping more people innovate. Productivity increasing to its highest levels in ways to benefit our climate. Crime dropping to its all-time low. People, communities and populations are much more informed. Consistently making far better life-changing decisions. With easier ways to make money legally, it will be nonsensical to abuse power. Corruption, organised and opportunistic crime will start to fade. Many ... Read More »

When can this start?

  When, is up to the public and this is already happening. Vote registrations No person or organisation has access to, or knowledge of, vote registrations. Other than for statistics to make each vote count. When people register they become equal shareholders of iGlobal. Registration is already accelerating. This is even before campaigning begins. The sooner people register, the greater ... Read More »