Become a founder
Become a founder

Become a founder


Apply for a founder grant or dedicate your career to this change.



Founder grants


The size of your grant depends on your business plan and licence. If you are a commercial organisation, a member of the public, or a government, how will you introduce these concepts? Or how will you benefit from our affiliation grants to improve existing business plans? To apply please study the project brief and use our contact form.




We are selecting professionals for full-time, part-time, temporary, and project placements. This is to create public campaigns and to grow our network of sponsors and supporters. The work is given to professionals who offer the best value action plan. They should not need much guidance other than top-level objectives.


Global SafetyWatch® is now one of the first organisations following the AI Auto Politician founder programme. Helping more sponsors, affiliates, and supporters to also join as founders. Creating more marketing plans with more teams in more countries. This also includes outsourced services and sponsorships. First campaigns use the top 20 languages.  Leading to all other languages. With advertisements, and a TV presence with major celebrities. This information helps introduce these concepts:





“Soon everyone will know central banking means political control remaining with unelected people.” (C. Lummis, US Senator)


These results are from before public campaigning begins. Worth over 11 trillion of this new currency. Most of this is from just 1 experiment leading up to the creation of the AI Auto Politician: