"People controlling world resources are resisting change until life becomes too unbearable."

Initial funding and objectives

Extremist groups and some powerful politicians use the media to manipulate politics. The public is now using the media to empower democracies globally. Stopping wars, mass migration, climate change and pandemics.


The size of your grant depends on your business plan and licence. If you are a commercial organisation, a member of the public, or a government, how you will introduce these concepts to your target demographics. Or, how you will benefit from our affiliation grants to multiply the reach of existing business plans. To apply for a grant please use our contact form.


We are selecting professionals for full-time, part-time, temporary and project placements. This is to create public campaigns and to grow our network of sponsors, affiliates and supporters. The work is given to professionals who offer the best value action plan. They should not need much guidance other than very top-level objectives.

These results are from before public campaigning begins:

People already applied to register and vote.
People committed to register by governments and through social media and banking platforms in 3 years.

 Most of these people are from just 1 experiment leading up to the creation of this social enterprise.

  • This social enterprise received funding because all worst-case economic indicators were surpassed for every country. …
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Main objectives


The information on this website is for expanding the infrastructure to distribute this new wealth. From diverse marketing teams to connect with all demographics, to the many social media, banking and administrative companies who are creating this social enterprise.


We are creating more marketing plans with more teams in more countries. This also includes outsourced services, sponsorships and affiliations. Feedback from campaigns using the top 20 languages will optimize publicity to support these ideas. This will lead to all other languages. With advertisements, this is having a TV presence with major celebrities. This is further accelerating open involvement with more of our sponsors.

Our main objective is to select more sponsors, affiliates and supporters to join this social enterprise as founders of it. This information helps introduce these concepts:


Public campaigning will use easy to understand high-impact messages, videos and images. Success for this is educating the masses that their vote is far more important than they think.

Some select sponsors, affiliates and supporters: